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Antenatal Package

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience.
Let this experience be free from complications.


During pregnancy, there are changes in thyroid hormone concentrations. Hence, this inexpensive test is performed to avoid complications in women.

Australia Antigen (HBsAg)

This test is done before and during pregnancy, so that women are aware about the diagnosis and management of hepatitis B infection.

Blood Group

Blood grouping is done in a pregnant woman, to prevent life-threatening complications with the 2nd pregnancy.

Blood Sugar Fasting

This test is carried out to diagnose diabetes during pregnancy.

Anti HCV

The first test which determines whether a pregnant woman has been infected with hepatitis C.


One of the laboratory test done early during pregnancy, which gives a count of different types of cells that make up your blood.

HIV I/II Antibodies

This test is conducted if a woman is pregnant or planning to become pregnant - to look for HIV infection in the blood or saliva.

Hb Electrophoresis

This is a widely used rapid method to inquire about different types of anemias. Antenatal screening helps in timely detection of the disease.

Urine Routine

During pregnancy, your urine may tested for red blood cells, white blood cells as well as glucose - to check for disease, infection or diabetes.

VDRL - Syphilis Test Automated

During pregnancy, this test checks whether or not a pregnant woman has syphillis, a sexually transmitted infection.