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Obesity Package

Understand the health risks of obesity and address them,
before they progress into a disease.

Blood Sugar Fasting

This test indicates the values of blood glucose levels in the obese. Due to the interdependent nature (high levels) with obesity, this test is vital to prevent further complications.


The level of serum calcium is found out; abnormal levels are indicative of several associated conditions.


This test evaluates kidney function in obese individuals, as those affected are at an increased risk of kidney disease.


This test detects the blood electrolyte levels; higher amount is linked to several health complications including type 2 diabetes.

Lipid Profile

This is an initial screening test in the obese population. Obesity helps to predict heart disease; a direct link between levels of fats and body weight has been observed.


This test measures the amount of phosphorus in the blood; sufficient phosphorus intake protects an individual from rising obesity.

Serum Cortisol

Level of cortisol in the blood is measured.


A series of blood tests to measure how well your thyroid gland is functioning (impacted by weight gain and obesity).

Uric Acid

This test is carried out if high levels of uric acid is suspected in the blood; link has been established between high uric acid levels and being overweight and obese in different populations.

Urine Routine

In simple terms, this test is an analysis of the urine. Being relatively inexpensive, this test can provide useful data about several diseases and conditions, i.e., obesity and kidney disease.